Hi UGers... I'm looking for a cheap cab right now and I have my mind settled for a Valveking cabinet... I know it isn't the best and I should spend more on this stuff but all I can spend is 400 bucks... can you think of a better cab in this price range? thanks in advance
I am looking for a cab as well. There are many things to consider when deciding on a decent cabinet. Of course type of speakers and then the materials used to constuct the cabinet.

In short...if you want a 400 dollar "name brand" cabinet - you will be looking at something used, unless it is really of poor quality (think MG.)

If you want a new cab that is buit well, but lack a big-time name...think about AVATAR; LOPO and even Carvin.

Of course how many speakers you need/desire is important. For instance, if you have a 100watt head you don't want a 2x12 greenback loaded cabinet - as it will splode.
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Are you looking for a 4x12 or what? I will be getting a Vader 2x12 really soon... so you may want to look up that.


Yes. I'm looking for a 4x12
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Yes. I'm looking for a 4x12

The VK cab is pretty much garbage. You'd be a lot better off getting a 2x12 from Avatar with a couple speakers you recognize in it.
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Yes. I'm looking for a 4x12

I honestly hate to say it, but you really don't need a 4x12. I sold mine because it was a bitch to lug and after awhile starts to hurt you back. I bought a Mesa Road King 2x12 with the money from the cab and it sounds much better too. I honestly wouldn't ever lug a 4x12 again.
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maybe a used 1960?
what head do you have
or also maybe a used marshall mc too i've heard those are good for budgets
of course avatar also
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you don't need a 4x12, a 2x12 will do look at avatar or look for used cabinets on craigslist

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