I was wondering, does anyone think it's worth it to spend the extra $50 on the 350? What does the 350 have other than the 250? Just the extra footswitch and 10 more presets?
I don't think either one of them is worth 50 dollars, personally. My mom F'ed up and bought me an RP 300 or something for xmas a year or two ago and I sent her right back for the ME-50.
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Quote by HavokStrife
I don't think either one of them is worth 50 dollars, personally. My mom F'ed up and bought me an RP 300 or something for xmas a year or two ago and I sent her right back for the ME-50.

I know a lot of people are going to say to get something else, but I just want to know if there is really any difference between the processors.
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personally? - the RP350 does not get u that much more except a a/b switch that is only (as far as i know) good for switching between pre-sets, that might incude virtual amp channel switching on RP.

PS - if it does do that (true amp channel switching) someone/some how - please let me know but i doubt it. The software i am mentioning below allows you to move resets around by drag/dropping therefore eliminaing the need for A/B preset switch funcion.

They are made of cast metal and pretty durable so if you want a lot of stuff in one purchase this migh be the way. There are other similar multi-fx pedals out there that have similar attributes. stay away from the plastic versions (all black).

imo - you can save yourself some cash and get the 250. i have one obviously, but am now looking for actual single pedals.

PS - TS you can go online (after purchase and connecting to PC via USB) and download patches and PC software (X-Edit) to make effect changes on the fly and change the order of presets. Other brands do this too so check out all of them. If you search on RP250 you will find other posts on this aswell. Not the greatest pedal but it does not suck either.

; (forgive me now for any typos or mis-info as i gotta go)
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Thanks for that reply, 311ZOSOVHJH. They do seem the same, sort of. Does the 250 have that Learn-A-Lick thing that the 350 does? Where it slows down a song that you play through it. And yeah that 3rd switch probably won't do much for me.
don't know about that learn a lick thing but that seems familiar. sorry - but i've damn near abandon that thing due to new tube amp purchse. i do know that i can connect a cd player, copy tracks, play back in loop, and yea prolly slow the tempo down if i wanna...


afaik, the rp250 doesn't have the "learn-a-lick" thingy, plus the rp350 have a build in drum machine, which the rp250 lacks.
Yeah, the drum machine sounds fun. I wanted to try that. I'm pretty sure the 350 and 250 both have it. And thanks for the help.
I have the 250 and it does have a drum machine with 60 patterns. Both of them have the same processor inside. Far as I know the only things the 350 has that the 250 doesn't are the following:

a seperate bypass pedal (don't have to hold 2 pedals down at same time to bypass)
a few more amp & stompbox models
a 2nd acoustic guitar model
more drum patterns
learn a lick feature
a mic input

The 350 has an effects loop also so using 4 patch cables you can loop the time based effects after your amp's pre-amp, and the other stuff before the preamp. The 250 can only be plugged in before or after the pre-amp in an amp that has an effects loop. I didn't need the extra features of the 350, and the 250 fits in the pouch on the front of my gig bag The 250 sounds good and works well.
hey people i just got myself an rp250...i've seen patches online but have no clue how to download em on to my processor.is there any manual or tutorial online that will be able to help me?pleeeease help!!thanks
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