Every 1 should know what guitar is. Not only a piece of wood, some steel, cables and an electromagnet. But it's something that allows people to express their feelings through the music.

Enought with poetry.
Guitars [well actually all the instruments] are pretty expensive this days. Buying an guitar is also no enough. You may need good amp, some effects, new pickups, cables and then better guitar, better amp, better effects and so on. It takes a load of money. Starting to play guitar when you are old enough to be financially stable may be rather difficult. As a teenager you are financially dependable on your parents [or grand-parents xD] but sometimes even those "mountains of money" are not able to help you financially. My questions is: how are you getting finances for upgrading your guitars? Part-time job? Prostitution? Friends? Drug dealing? Using your talents to make some profit? Becoming an assasin? Learning others how to play? Organised crimes?
How you get money that allows you to go further with sound of guitar?
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