New Song: Through the looking glass.

I'm a 15 year old singer/songwriter. Been playing guitar for about 7 months.


add me as a friend... always appreciated :P.

so yeah... your thoughts.

C4C as always .
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I thought that was a Stonesour song or something..
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it sounds good man, you just need a little better recording, but the music it self is really nice! check me out and tell me what you think www.myspace.com/travisdenning92
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its pretty good for strait up acoustic stuff.You might want to add some strings to it,just like basic swelling kind of sounds.But I lived the feel of it and everything,btw maybe you should add lyrics on your page so i can know exactly what your saying.

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That was pretty good. However, the title sounds a bit ripped off, so maybe change the title/lyrics. It was really good for singer/songwriter type stuff. We dont get much of them round here. The melody was nice, you just need to get into your own style, abut.
Pretty good stuff. I like the song. Things that can be improved on:

The vocals sound like you're holding back a lot, like you're afraid to really commit to it. There's moments where you seem to get going where the vox get a little loose and they improve, but for the most part it's a bit nasal (i.e. not from the diaphragm) and constricted. Let go, your voice will handle it.

As for the guitar, the tone seems a bit "restricted". It doesn't sound as full as it should. How did you record it?
    i think the lower bassline part, when you do the slide, is too loud

    this song sounds depressing, haha, but maybe you were going for that

    the high oohs sound really really out of place

    the harmonies though in the kill myself because i love you sound good though!

    the lead vocals overall are really good, and the pitch accuracy is strong, but i think you could benefit from "waking up" more with them, they kinda sound uninspired as of now

    it starts sounding much much better vocal presence wise at the big final chorus at like 3:30

    overall a really good song though, im just splitting hairs!

    crit mine please?

    Thank you for all the crits so far, I shall be returning the favour shortly

    As for the voice holding back; that was the intention for the lead on some bits, as the general atmosphere of the song is of someone who is unsure of themselves, and I thought I'd reflect this through the voice. This effect is halted on the last chorus, as the lyrics have changed from 'what have I become?' to 'I hate what I've become'. The question is answered, and therfore the singing is altered, a more chesty voice.

    Just thought I'd clear that one up for you
    as said before strings would be good, actually trying to write it with drums, bass, and strings would be pretty cool. Its a solid foundation for a great song. I like the breathy sound on the yeah bit.

    maybe double track the falsetto as the long note and then the other bit over that.

    Great stuff!
    This is a good song. Strong lyrics. Great use of Vocals. Nice use of recording techniques (double tracking being one of them).

    The main critism would be the actual mixing of it. The track itself is really quiet. The vocals are perhaps too loud and the guitars too quiet.

    Otherwise a solid track!
    I love the chords you used. You are a very creative dude.

    as sugapablo said, vocals are abit held back and nasal at times, but youve got huge potential.

    The guitar work and recording knowledge is awesome. Props dude. C4C plz

    Its a cover of hallelujah
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    guitar sounds a bit out of tune. vocals are a bit muffled and nasel, but that's a problem that we all have haha. it sounds really good. nice falsettos haha. good lyrics were a bit melodramatic, but lyrics are hard to do.

    so in sum, work on guitar tuning and tone, try to get better breathing on the on the vocals.
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    Your music sounds a lot like staind and that kind of stuff they play on the radio here in st. louis. It isn't my kind of stuff, but theres at least a market for this kind of stuff. I personally wouldn't listen to it, but you play your genre pretty well. As for technical aspects, some of your tones sound over processed, but thats just the hardware you used.

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    sounds cool, but to me it sounds like the guitar is a little out of tune.......its probably me, i have a hard time telling if a guitar is perfectly in tune or not. vocals sound really good, i like the backing vocals too. lyrics.......hhmhmmm......not a big fan of the whole "killing myself" music, but thats me.