Music Styles: Shred / Hard Rock / Classic Rock (I like to play everything here and there but those are my main styles just for the sake of simplicity)

What i'm looking for in a guitar:

    I'm currently playing on an ESP LTD MV-100 and it's junk IMO. The pickups have no sustain and to get a good sound while doing harmonics and tapping is almost impossible.

    I'm looking to keep it around $650
    What amp do you have? That's where most of your tone is gonna come from.
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    The Jackson DXMG doesn't seem too bad, but I'd swap the pickups out for a JB/Jazz combo, or something similar like that.

    I always liked the DK2M, but I'm not sure how much that costs. ($1200 in Australia...)

    What kind of amp are you playing?
    A good amp can often make a bad guitar sound decent.
    But a bad amp can make a great guitar sound ****.

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    I'm playing on a Crate Practice Amp which is crap. But the electronics in my ESP failed around a month ago. When you plug it in theres just a loud fizz and i've tried multiple cords. I'm pretty tired of playing without any amplification though.

    Idk about the Jackson..How would an Ibanez, Schecter, or even another ESP play in that price range?
    Ok. Well, for $650, you could probably get an RG350 or RG320 or something. They aren't bad.
    Jackson would be better, in my opinion.
    Schecters I'm not sure on. ESP you can't get for $650. ESP LTD you could, but I can't say I like them at all.

    So I'd buy an RG or a Jackson DK, and then save up for a good amp.

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