hey posted a song on my profile me and my buddy did in about 6 hrs as a joke, nothing too tech but give it a listing and tell me what you think/
haha **** man it made me laugh
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You wasted 6 hours doing that? oh my.

Made me laugh tho ahaha
complete garbage
Originally Posted by Narcotics
listen to the song focus on the ass and play really really slowley
try and hear each individual note
make sure your using the right ta or guitar pro or what ever u use
so, i was looking at your favorite bands and i see pain of salvation. they are pretty emo.

I taste your sorrow and you taste my pain
Drawn to each other for every stain
Licking the layers of soot from your skin
Your tears work my crust to let yourself in

thats one of their songs. come on. you can't make fun of emo bands if you like that.