whenever i play i use this pickup almost all the time, the only time i use the bridge pickup is for Palm mutes thats it. I've heard people say around the forums that its bad if you can't use the bridge pickup, i can use it, but i prefer the neck. It holds the melody so well and plus it sounds better when i solo. but really is this bad or all up to the player?
Of course it isnt!

You can get some epic tone outta the neck, but it kinda sucks for pinch harmonics and the like..

Most of my solos are done on the neck pickup
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Up to the player, when I started I used to the neck almost exclusively, but tastes in music have changed, and the bridge is better suited to some.
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Well it depends on what pickups they are contrasted with what style you play. Like If you have an EMG 81 in the bridge, its obviously going to be different from a Strat single coil.
Learning to use both, however, is they key to good tone, as far as your guitar goes.
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It's greatly depends on the sound and pickup.
I myself don't even care which pickup to use as long as it gives me the sound I want.
i have a LP special II, and a fender 15R lol, yeah its bad. THe decent tone i can get out of it is through the neck pickup as of right now, until i upgrade. But i've grown to the neck pick up, its so much together, can't really explain it.
i allmoast allways play on the bridge, cuz its meh humbucker, and busent buzz as much^^
In my opinion, its better to learn on your neck pickup. It hides your mistakes and generaly makes you feel better about stuffing up cause it doesnt sound that bad.

When you're more confident, you will find yourself using your back pickup as much if not more. Your bridge pickup is where you will normaly lay your absolute screaming solo's. but the neck pickup is nice for melody work.
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My rhythm guitarist constantly uses his neck humbucker on his Les Paul for everything, and it drives me nuts. Why? Because the lead guitarist plays a Fender Strat through a small amp... mostly with the bridge pickup. Needless to say the bass drowns him out.

On the other hand, some absolutely amazing rhythm tones can be achieved with the right pickup and guitar. For example, Michael Romeo's rhythm sound on Paradise Lost.
i almost never use my neck pickup unless im playing something nice mellow and clean. in fact, im getting 2 new guitars with only bridge pickups. ultimately its whatever sound YOU want
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I usually prefer the neck pickup, I'm a solo ***** though!

And on my strat the bridge pickup really isn't all that, need to change it for a non-harsh sound.
I use the rhythm pickup for a lot of solos, because the sound is much clearer and pronounced. Riffs and when I need to use pinch harmonics I switch to the treble pickup.
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Which one is better?
My neck pickup isn't as hot as my bridge, like most guitars. I do lead on my bridge and my rythym on my neck. If I'm playing really mellow blues though I play exclusively on the neck.
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yeah for rhythm i tend to stick to the Bridge, just palm mutting, i will practice on both. I hardly use the amp to practice, i play unplugged. If i hear a mistake i just go back a correct it and i just pick it up quick. thanks for your opinions guys!
its not bad, its just whether or when you prefer to play neck pup or bridge pup over the other
I use them both about the same amount. Here's what my usage normally is:

Rhythm playing and solos under the 12th fret: bridge
Solos 12th fret and higher: neck

EDIT: Try using both at the same time. It gives a nice tone for sweeps and stuff like that. I use it sometimes for really epic solos.
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I like the neck pickup(I also use the bridge alot as well). But I don't like a whole lot of treble, and the bridge pickups have more of a treble sound to them, the neck seems a lot fuller. For cleans on my Schecter I almost exclusively use the neck pickup(EMG 89) coil tapped, sounds great.
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