I bought a spider III 15 watt for practicing (PRACTICE!) and I like its portability and ease of use but it does sound like ****. From everything that i've heard or read it seems like you can't get good metal distortion without a tube amp but at the moment I'd rather not sacrifice the portability.

How can I get good tone while still being able to lug the amp around to play with friends? Price range would probably be around $700 and below
well fender devilles have sweet tone, and if you got a jekyll and hyde overdrive/distortion, you'd be able to get that metal tone you're looking for. i know because i own one. a deville will run you about 600-700$
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Looking for a bullet for my valentine/all that remains type tone (in addition to other things, but just these would be fine for me)

Thanks, valentinezxifax, I'll have to check that out. I wish the closest guitar center wasnt an hour away -.-

If this changes anything, I have an ibanez rg370dx. I was looking to break into the electric guitar world with something to cheap to make sure I like it more than acoustic. Needless to say, I definitely do like it more
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idk about price range but a peavey 6505 or 5150, i've heard both of these are absolutely awesome for metal, horrible cleans though
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I'd love a 6505 or a 5150 but they don't seem too portable and both cost quite a bit