anybody had any experience with one? know of a used one wanted to know if it's worth checking out. play mostly blues and classic rock, James Gang, Zepplin.
i have the wr40 and it kicks ass.

the ax7 preamps get quite saturated when you and that's my only complaint. it doesn't have a crisper overdrive compared to the blue 50 watt (i like more of a EL-34 driven marshall sound but this is my first tube amp and got it a while back so now i know what i like)

this amp is MOST DEF. worth checking out though. think fender cleans with a marshall crunch. it's great. i play alot of zeppelin/classic rock/blues as well and i find it suits these styles perfectly. the reverb and presence on the amp add a nice touch too and the amp takes pedals quite well.

DEFINITELY check this amp out. with the 20, i bet you could crank the volume and get a great tube break up. my 40 shakes the room i play in when i turn the volume to 3
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