I'm kind of in a hole when it comes to learning, I have got down these perfectley.
Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic
Blues Scale
Harmonic Minor Scale
3,5,6 String Sweeping (still a bit messy, but I'll keep practicing)

What other scales and modes should I learn. I like exotic and classical sounding stuff.
Phrygian Dominant is good for that, as is the Double Harmonic scale.

Try out Lydian Dominant, Superlocrian and Hindu scales.

Mixolydian and Dorian will help with blues and general rock soloing.
hey man right now i enjoy making up stuff for classical guitar so what i do for fun is i will play the octaves of a certain note, lets say d, and on the high octave descend down in a pretty sound and on every third not you hit (you can switch it around) just hit the lower octave for that note. idk what thats called but its cool for me. you can come up with cool riffs with it.
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It kinda depends on what style of music you play most, I guess. For me, I advanced a lot when I learned different techniques like pinch harmonics, sweep picking, divebombs and stuff like that. But I play a lot of metal so that's why it helped me