hey everyone i am looking for some advice for fully upgrading my main guitar.

here it goes, i currently use a Jackson DK2M guitar and even though it is a low end guitar i like the way it plays and i want to upgrade it.

I would be interested in getting new pickups a new floyd rose and new tuner machine heads, so pretty much soup up the whole deal. the pickups might be the biggest problem because i do play many types of music mainly jazz and metal. I was thinking about getting a X2N for the bridge and getting a jazz pickup for the neck, but the problem is i don't know what kind of jazz pickup to get. and one other think i am worried about is would the pickup sound great for metal when i throw the bridge on and still sound great for jazz when i put the neck on.

if i got a new floyd rose system would it make much of a difference in sustain and the ever elusive ability to stay in tune while using it?

and what kind of tuner knobs would you guys recommend?

as for money i could probably spend about 500-600 on the gear for my upgrade.

and for tone as far as jazz i like people like Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny, and George Benson
and for metal: Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, and Shawn Lane

i use Line 6 spider 1 and I KNOW ALREADY this is a big part of the problem but i cant really afford a new amp so thats why i want to upgrade my guitar.

thanks in advance
I don't think its worth it for everything you want to do man. You'd be better off selling the Jackson and buying a new guitar with what you want.

Although, that $600 could also be spent on a much better amp, a nice tube combo. If you like the way your Jackson plays, why change it?
You're not going to pull a proper jazz tone out of that guitar no matter what you do. Instead of spending 600 to upgrade it you could get a decent tube amp. That would do much more for your tone than any upgrade you could do to your guitar, since you'd barely hear the difference through the spider.
I agree with rwalby, you get get a nice tube combo for $600, I don't know much about jazz, but maybe a valveking? It seems pretty versitile.
As everyone who has replied has said...upgrading your guitar will not change your tone THAT much without something to back it up.

The money you're willing to spend is enough to buy a decent tube combo, and with that you'd not only get your guitar's stock sound to the fullest, but if you want to upgrade...then the upgrades shine through even more than they would through the tube amp compared to being played through your spider.

And I agree with Mudhippy2011, the Valveking is versatile. I have a stock one, and I can get a good blues tone all the way to metalcore. Of course, I'm have an EQ and OD in front, but it is still good for blue/metal without a boost.
Although, with the Jackson, blues may be a tad more difficult...
cool thanks everyone for the help, i suppose i will look into the amp instead of the new stuff and hold that off till later. I have heard good things about valvekings so i will look into that.