In my opinion, single coils are pretty tasty. but if you need the extra bite, go with HSS.
sweet, yeah im looking for a radiohead rhcp type of sound, so i think the single coil is where its at
RHCP definitely. I've been playing alot of them since i got to plug in today. Radiohead I don't know since i don't listen to em much.
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SSS. True Fender Single coils, that's how it works man.
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When I think strat I think singlecoil, that amazing clean tone, and the light blues tone that strats just nail
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HSS is very versatile. You can still get a great single coil tone from the neck and middle positions, not to mention the bridge/middle #2.

I don't like SSS strats because the bridge PU is not very appealing to me. On cheaper models they are usually icepick sharp..

My HSS Highway One is awesome. The best of both worlds. It comes with an "Atomic" humbucker in the bridge. Its OK and clear, but I may swap it out for a beefier JB like PU with more lower mids.

Excellent jumbo frets, perfect neck for my comfort, greasebucket tone circuit that works well.


A BIG 70's headstock! Ahhh, life is good.