Sorry if this is wrong part of the forum to post in but i wasn't sure which one to go to...

I'm looking for a couple of their easier tabs to start off with and then maybe move on to their more difficult stuff. Anyone have an idea on where to start?

Bat Country. verse has one of the easiest riffs ever, the little bridge is easy, and the first part of the solo before the sweeps is easy kinda.
i'd start with unholy confessions / remenissions ...easy , and sound cool
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Learn the "Bat Country" solo. Even the sweep is kinda easy. Just practice it slowly. 1st try the Zacky part and when u get it clean. Try then the Syn part.
All of it.
Use my tabs.
Chapter Four's really easy.
So is Burn it down.
Do burn it down.
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Thanks for all the help guys I'm gunna look into all of them...I'll update when i pick something up =)