i have had a ****ty starter guitar for around 5 months and i wanna get a new, better one, good for metal and classic rock that is affordable. any ideas???
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Stuff on Rondo is good. And really, you cant do too bad withg an Epi LP Std. or a PRS SE, which really arent too expensive.
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Schecter makes some great budget guitars, and have really expanded their line as well. Esp makes some ltd models that are good priced, and the fender showmasters are great guitars as well
id personally reccomend an epi LP, i got mine for about $450, and it was setup, and had Gotoh tuners on it, my best guitar investment yet
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How much are you wanting to spend first of all?

under $800
If you're going to spend up to $800 on a new guitar then you have tons of options. I'm not experienced with high dollar guitars or anything, but I'd say just go to a music store and try some out you think you might like. After you find some go do some research on their quality and price. Then you can decide from there.
New amp?Or RG321MH.
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