I've decided that I love custom shop 69 pickups. That said, should I get a classic player's 60's strat, or a MIM standard and replace the pickups? Is the classic player's strat higher in quality than the regular MIM or are they the same with the exception of the neck, bridge, and pickups? If I do get a MiM, should I replace the bridge with an amercan 2-point trem as well?
Pink Floyd
some of my opinions:

The classic players strat feels amazing, however I would buy my next strat based on the feel of the neck. The body wood matters, but ive noticed no difference in tone between a two peice and three peice body. Also, the two point trem on the american strat blows. Id go with the vintage.

I say check out both guitars and see how the necks are made. If you can live with the mim neck go for it.

Good luck man

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