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A true great.

It's scary how little people knew about Lenny and how so little people know of him. He would sit up for hours just trying to figure out chord progressions and play guitar all day. He was so dedicated to guitar playing, though he was never the most popular, or most quotable person in the world.
A humble man, Lenny was what some people would call 'a perfectionist' though I'm sure he would not call himself that for the former reason.

I really love what he does with harmonics. That was his thing. Tommy Emmanuel I think has popularized the technique, but Lenny was probably the first to develop it to its potential. Also, for anyone interested czech out his album with Chet Atkins, 'Standard Brands', it's really cool stuff!
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one of my favorite players, his technique was great.
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Lenny was great. Too bad there are so little quality recordings of him.
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