I posted a thread a while ago about buying an expensive tube amp for versitility, unfortunetely i spend a fair bit of that budget on a carvin 7 string and the recording of my bands EP so my budget has shrunk down to about 2500 but i can push it a little, so down to the point. I play metal (melo-death, prog, -core, thrash, limited death/black/grind) i do some classic rock and blues, limited classical and an ok bit of country/folk/acoustic. I need a quality amp set up for in the studio/live due to currently writing a concept album needing many sounds (think colors by BTBAM but not as amazing) i was thinking maybe a couple preamps and a power amp so hears the question could i use two preamps and run them through the same power amp and cab for live purposes and what does UG think of theese preamps?

Perfect Connection GP-1000
ENGL tube preamp (forget the model number but its the cheapest one)
Mesa Rectifier pre
Mesa triaxis
Randall RM4

ANd for Power amp i plan on purchasing a VHT G-2502-S Two/Fifty/Two Power Amp
i use the engl E530 and I love it.
Gibson Explorer
Jackson Soloist SL3
Orange Tiny Terror
Mesa 2x12
thanks for the input, ill probably buy the ENGL because it is not overly expesive, has what i need to but not to much and i am impressed by the sounds of ENGL