This band is starting to gain popularity and it because there pretty much awesome. I've seen them several times in Nashville at Rocketown and everytime they get better and better. I went to their concert last Friday for their new CD and they were amazing. I would of bought it then but FedEx didn't deliver in time. Next time I see them I'm defintly getting it. Anway if you don't know them, listen to their stuff. Their friggin legit.

Rhythm Harmony Melody
They released a new album? Thats sweet.

I've been listening to their first one for a while, hoping for more. These guys are pretty awesome.
Weird, never thought I'd see a thread on them here. My old band played out final show with these guys. I don't like their music really but their old drummer was really nice and I felt bad for them because these stupid girls from our town wrote all over their trailer with sharpies.