ah well this is pretty much a pointless post but i had to tell someone.
pretty much in an hour of having a new drummer play with us we made more progress through our songs in an hour then we had in the last six months!
It was the biggest relief! i had been so down on our band because no matter what we did we just didn't seem to be going anywhere and then we got this new drummer and we played through 4 of our originals and fine tuned some stuff and he got it down in minutes compared to our old drummer who would talk about how "leet" he was yet fail to play through one of our songs without ****ing the whole song up.

ahh u guys gotta understand how good this feels after 6 months of trying to get songs down and going nowhere and then playing through half our set straight away with our new drummer! GOSH IT WAS AWESOME!
yeah. actually my band fired our singer today and we decided we're jjust gonna be a 4 peice with 2 vocalists. after 1 practice we discovered that i (the bassist) could sing low registered parts and scream and our guitarist could sing high parts. sometimes a little change is all you need to be a better band alltogether.
Yeah. Around here, we call getting a new drummer 'having a spine transplant' (because drummers are generaly called the 'backbone' of the band)
When you find a drummer that just 'clicks' immediately with the band, it's always a great feeling, and that forboding feeling that you are all gonna have your work cut out for you breaking in a new member as structualy important as the drummer just disappeares.
It looks like you've just had a very successful spine transplant bud.
sounds cool, I think when a bands right its always going to be that some in some practices you feel like everyone's done great and the bands firing on all cylinders.