I have checked out tons of amps and these are the two I am stuck on. I have played a Peavey JSX and I know I do enjoy the amp, but the crunch channel, and clean for that matter, do leave a little to be desired for me. I have not played a carvin V3, but have heard it, and love all the features. I like my gear simple, I go guitar, wah, amp, and run a Delay Pedal through my efx loop.

I play lots of prog, metal, classic rock, Everything From Dream theater, Vai, Slayer, Yngwie, Joe Walsh, primus, ect. I want something that can handle lots of genres well. I heard V3s can be very versitile. I also hear the same of the JSX.

I would be getting this head, and running it through a 212 cab loaded with eminence black powder speakers.

I just wanted to see if anyone can help me with my situation, I have already read the forums, but I want some extra advice, and some more info on V3s if anyone has tried one.

And Please no suggesting a 5150, Orange, or a Mark IV, as I have tried these amps and just do not like them.

Thanks for any info
i was in the exact same situation with you. I went with the JSX because i was actually able to play it and test it out and i wasnt going to be bothered with paying for the shipping/border fees (i live in Canada) to get the V3 here. I play the same sort of music you do and enjoy the JSX thoroughly. im sure you will too
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I own the v3 and love it and can play anything form jazz to death metal. Extremely versatile and so melodic and screaming of a lead tone also
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Played a JSX today.... It was a fun amp to play and could get any tone i wanted out of it. The gain is really really smooth on it. Small issues were Harmonics were so so and didn't have that crazy 6505 gain and cut through... Only main issue is much like the XXX the switch wouldn't go into crunch which always worrys me. Also one other issue i discovered is it seems to be plagued with the same treble issue the Valveking has. Once you get it past 12 oclock it doesnt clean up it gets fizzy and harsh. But other then that nice amp. And for the clean side it nails Metallicas clean tone, so if you want that type of clean then that is the amp for you. If you want super cleans it might not be a good choice.

Still waiting to get my hands on a V3...
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