Hey, check us out at www.myspace.com/howitallends1 and let me know what you think... Keeping in mind we've been together a month... and have been in the studio have one show booked, have some more in the works, and possibly a tour this summer! and yeah although i didn't write the song we have up... any constructive criticism would be a appreciated!


thats sick bro! keep it up
btw howd you get 20 000 myspace views when you have only been together a month?!?
Damned if I know man, we've been really getting a lot of attention... well the band has only been complete a month, the singer, other guitarist and drummer have been together since like November or something I think.... Then the recruited me, and the bass player is a buddy of mine and I like playing with him so I asked to bring him out and stuff jsut fit together :P
and well we have our stuff posted all over the place now but we were getting a lot of hit before then too....