I was at one of my local music stores the other day, and I found a bass that I really liked.
But the name totally escapes me and I want to look up if I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

It comes in a white or black body, it's got the model type on the body.
Three knobs, 2 of them light up (Red for volume, blue for tone, no light for blender.
Comes in 4 or 5 string.
It's a REALLY REALLY light bass.

The 4 string I was playing was around $500.

Any help?

*edit: Found it, it's a yamaha RBX4 A2.
Anyone else got an opinion on this?
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I remember that Bass Player reviewed it, and they liked it. If I remember correctly, they said the lighted knobs thing was a bit gimmicky, but the whole body design idea actually had some weight to it (lol pun). If you like it, may as well get it. Did you try any other basses.
Yeah, a couple of ibanez ones, but the body's weren't that comfortable and I didn't like the pick up placement ( I'm finger picking).
Also tried a fretless (not sure who made it) but I really didn't like it at all.

If I get it, it'll be my first actual bass. I've been borrowing my friend's for fun (I practically own in) but now I actually want one of my own.
It's right in my price range too!
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Okay, I'm gonna gonna go out on a limb here (perhaps avante-garde ) and say you may want to start with a 5 string. I couldn't see myself wanting one when I started playing bass, but now I'm jonesing for one pretty hard. That might be one way to go. Did you play any Fenders? They are pretty much what a lot of other basses are judged by. Schecter is also good.
I didn't look to see the difference, but don't 5 strings have wider necks?
Or are all 5 strings on the same width neck?