I'm lookin into getting rid of the Behringer half-stack. I was lookin around music123 and I saw that Kustom makes bass amps. They are relatively cheap and I have not played on one before. I was just wondering if they are good quality. I was originally going to try and scrape together some cash and sell of the Behringer and try to get an Ashdown MAG 600H head and and an Ashdown ABM 414T 4x10 cab.
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the cheaper ones annoy me.
I hear they get better the louder you go though.
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i love kustom amps. but i'm unsure of their bass stuff.

if their as good as the guitar amps.. you probably won't be disappointed.
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From what I've heard, they're good amps. I'd still get an Ashdown though.
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Kustoms are better the higher you go. Their low end stuff is meh and their practice amps are horrible, just horrible. I owned a KBA10 at one point and it was just sad.
I'll parade my Kustom 310C again, ****ing owns everything .

Weighs alot though. You'll only find the 310C second hand nowadays, it's discontinued.
High end Kustom is good, in fact my band is talking about getting me trying to get an endorsement from them
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