My floyd rose is being EXTREMELY retarded. So a while ago, my guitar teacher tells me I need to get 9 gauges instead of 10's, so that the floating bridge is level. But he didn't tell me it would tune for less than a minute and than go down a half step or sometimes a whole step. Wtf?..
You mean the bridge gets pulled upward?

If so, you have to tighten the screws in the rear cavity.
When you tune it back to where it should be the strings are tightening and the bridge is trying to pull back on the strings but there's too much force so it's pulling back out and detuning the strings. you just have to keep working at it till you get it perfect.
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Took me about an hour or 2 to first set mine up...pain in the ass.
I use 9's it seems like the only strings that work or the bridge starts to angle one way or the other...
Only I finally got it fixed they stay in tune for quite a while

oh and when you restring, do it a string at a time, gotta keep the tension on the bridge or it'll sink in and you have to start over -.-
I just tune my guitar w/o screwing the nut in a little sharp and then I just use the microtuners to finish the job once the nut is screwed in. ofcourse I start from the high e string, and work my way up.
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I HATE the floating trem on my RG4EX1... I can dive and it comes back perfectly in tune, but if I pull up it comes back a half step sharp!
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Ok dude, this is what you have to do. Just put on the string(wrap them right) and stretch them, then tune the guitar. Yes once you've tuned all the strings in order EADGBE,all the lower pitched strings go sharp. THATS NORMAL! Keep on doing it and tuning. you will get close. then lock it and put on the nuts. Its frustrating and sucks to tune compared to a Fixed bridge guitar. But this is one of the only times you'll go through this much trouble. Next time restring one by one. MAKE SURE YOUR STRINGS ARE STRETCHED! and that your nuts are locked, and that its not stripped. Trust me man, I've owned several Ibanez guitars with tremolos. A JEM and a Prestige. Don't worry frustration will soon be over.

If you dont understand or cant figure it out, bring it to a tech or carefully go over this amazing guide:
Thats your problem. Don't strech by bending. Takes to long. Pull up the string with you right hand(bout at the 12th fret and pull it up and down) then re-tune then do it again till it doent change. Do that for every string(especially the EAD since they are braided) then be careful to not break a string for the higher ones. Glad I could help. Some people on UG dont have much knowledge to help to much. Thats why I usually stick to Jemsite. Shh. dont tell anyone or UG noobs will head over there. hahaha