Hey guys, I was just poking around here and clicked a link to Ran's custom guitars website. I'm looking for a new guitar this summer, and I started looking through the gallery. I was seriously in awe. I mean these were some NICE looking guitars. So I figured well wtf, running a custom through won't cost me anything. So I run my custom RR V, basically copying the Edwards E-RV-148 (which is what I want), only adding white pinstripes and a kill switch.

But my question is doe's anyone know anything about this brand? Are they good? Will the guitar hold up? I haven't gotten the price back yet, do they tend to be pretty expensive? Does anyone know about their return policy because they seem to be factory direct - so if I get it and I'm just not pleased could I send it back for a full refund?

Here's a the link:


Look through the gallery if you have a decent internet speed; it's seriously epic.
Ah, I kinda figured that they would be. But I mean I'm probably going to be paying around $1,200 for the Edwards if I get that, then $100 for shipping and another $100 for a case.

So I mean if it's below $1,400 this is know something I'm really thinking about, because I'd much rather spend less than $1,400. I'm maybe even thinking about taking it down to one pup if I can get a decent clean out of just and EMG 81, but first I gotta find a RR24 to play to decide that.

Just wanted to know if anybody had played one or has one and what their opinion is.
I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more than $1,400 even for a really simple model without things like a killswitch and pinstripes.
Those Ran's are bad ass!!! But if it is over your 1400 range. Look at the Carvin V's you can get one around that price. Just an idea, and you can customize it just like the Ran.
I placed down some specs and got a quote for 1800 euros, which is basically $3000.

No thank you.
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Wow, looking like this is gonna be way over my price limit. I mean the kill switch is def not something I need, and the pinstripes are even more pointless, I suppose if it's not too far over my limit I can always just take off pointless things/switch to a schaller trem/remove fret markers/etc etc.

Oh well, I'm glad that I know I've tried to find a better deal, because I know if I don't look around and I set my sights on one exact thing then I'm going to find a better deal after I get it, and then what's the point? I spent all that extra cash when I could've gotten the same thing with a different brand name for less.

Well, thanks for the input guys.
did you honestly think you could get a custom made/spec'd guitar for 1400 or less?
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I was going to suggest looking around for a used Jackson RR1, but it seems the prices on them have been jacked up ridiculously. If you're not set on a trem and 24 frets, the RR5 is quite nice, and the RR24 is good if you don't require a neck pup. Hell, if you're on a budget, check out the new schecter hellraiser V.
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
They're expencive but NOT overpriced. One of the best companies to get you to build a custom guitar from.

I got a quote on a simple super strat shaped guitar, carved top, white with black biding, ibanez style neck with AANJ joint, 24 fret, maple fretboard and maple headstock with black binding. H-S-H config with dimarzios, Schaller floyd rose, special inlay at 12'th fret saying "CUSTOM" and MoP dot inlays for the rest.

Cost came out at around $4000 AUS. something like $2000 USD. They're hand built to my knowledge and great quality.
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If you want a cheap custom shop guitar check out the Jackson Stars CS. They are about the same quality of the Jackson USA CS, but cost between $1200-1600. Unfortunately they're not taking orders anymore, hopefully they'll be back around summer.
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did you honestly think you could get a custom made/spec'd guitar for 1400 or less?

Well I figured I'd try, I don't exactly have money out the ass so I'm looking to get the best with what I can.

These things seem to be really quality guitars... Maybe I'll save up next summer and encourage my parents to pay the difference as a graduation gift lol.

They've a waiting list of about a year.

Wow, really? Well I suppose if they're all handmade by not too many luthiers then yeah, it would take a pretty long time...

Well I'm currently looking at the Jackson RR24, it's no custom shop or anything but it's in my price limit and it seems to be getting some nice reviews. I should get to play one Friday, if my plans to go to Columbus work out and if the stores (GC and Sam Ash, maybe The String Shoppe if no where else) have one. The only thing is the two pups, but that's why I want to play the RR24, because if I can get even somewhat decent cleans out of the 81 then I'll be fine w/ it, and then I'll have more $$$ for a Agile AL this X-mas.
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Their stuff is amazing yeah, but overpriced IMO.

Yup. They used to be really cheap. I love some of their models but most of Peter Wiwczareks look fake and plastic.

If you have the money though, go ahead and get one. One hell of a guitar youll have but look around. You might be able to find something similar for much less.
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