ok so if youve seen this tell me this:

dont you agree that if it wasnt number 1 (which it should have been) that they should have at least INCLUDED the Damageplan incident?!

yes they did not once even mention the fateful day when Dimebag Darrell Abott was shot and murdered on stage.

if you dont know what this is go read up you pathetic excuse for a metal fan!

now seriously does anyone disagree that that should have at least been mentioned on the show?!

Note: damageplan used to be known as pantera but was renamed after they brke up and reformed with some new members.
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Well, it wasn't a Pantera moment, in all actuality.

It was Damage Plan. They probably wanted a good, funny show. You've got to admit it would've brought the mood down a little.
ok i wasnt sure if it was damageplan or pantera.
yeh i know they wanted it to be funny but still, thats almost insulting man...