I am going to upgrade my Dean, I got it for free from a friend that was for the most part deaf and had no kindling to learn how to play it...

I'm not familiar with Deans, nor the body type it is, but if anything I'd say it was maybe some type of hybrid of a Strat type body.
Here's a picture for reference, and that's the actual guitar I recieved-

To go on, I'm looking to replace most of the hardware, because the girl who gave to me never played it, not one note, and it sat in it's case and got ****ed up. You can see the metal poles that run through the single coil and double coil pickups are rusted.

I'm good on replacing everything except the pickups, that's where I need help.
I'm putting EMG's in it, but I'm putting EMG's in it that I can afford, which are the




My question is that single coil pickups say they are for strats or strat style guitars, and I wanted to know if they'd mount into the single coil pickup slots of my guitar, which in a close up view look like this:


If you notice the slots are kind of oblong. I wanted to know if the pickups would mount the same into the guitar?
Please Reply if you know for sure.
They'll fit. If they don't have the bottom plate sticking out like regular strat pickups do there will be a little wood showing underneath. But if you don't mind a little drilling you could get some SC mounting rings from stewmac.
first off those pickups you bought are pretty whack, I would seriously think about returning them and saving up for a pair that are better

better yet go down to your local pawn shop and harvest a guitar there for them

Second off replacing pickups is not a real quick thing to do, you are going to have to solder them in, and while it isnt that much work, do it wrong and it is a frikin hassle in a half

getting a tech will run you from about 35 to 60 dollars to replace the pickups, and considering that the guitar has had the same strings on it for a while (long enough for it to rust) im sure your going to want to get the intonation and action fixed (another 50-60 dollars)

heres what im gonna say, save up. Youll thank me in the long run,
i enjoy head
Well I've played it a decent amount since I've had it, I've had it for about 6 months but I have a Jackson MG Series DMXG so I haven't really put a lot of focus into the other guitar, but the action on the Dean is fine, it has no pangs and doesn't need to be refretted, I replaced the strings as soon as I got it with Ernie Ball Hybrids and the guitar doesn't sound bad with what it has now, but it has a lot of room to improve, and that's my plan.

I''ve repainted a few guitars already so I'm going to sand it and make in Artic white color with all black hardware on the guitar, I'm just not good at the electrics, and yeah I'll probably upgrade the pickups to something better, and I am paying somebody to do that so I don't screw it up.

I figure it'll be metal ass guitar when I'm done and with the single coil pickups and maybe with an addition of an active pickup and a potentiometer it can be a nice blues and crunch and classic rock guitar.