I use a Crate Blue Voodoo, with the classic crate logo, BV-120H. I bought it at a pawn shop for around $750 dollars with the Crate cabinet. We've been practicing for awhile now, and whenever I got the amp really loud it made this sort of jingling noise. But other then that, not really that big of a deal...

More recently we were trying out a Vocalist, and a third of the way through the song, my sound went dead. I checked all of my connections, checked my guitar, and everything in sight seemed in order. I plugged the guitar into another amp and it was just fine. The guitar was a cheaper jackson, with EMG passive pickups. Just something to work with.

After many failed attempts to get it up and running again I've decided to ask you, anyone with experience know what could possibly be happening to my amp?

EDIT:: The lights behind the tubes were still on, and the lights in the "POWER" and "STANDBY" were also on. I also tried both channels, the amp "died" on the distortion channel.
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check if the actual tube filaments are lit up. you might've blown a powertube, which isn't that bad.
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Do these in this order until the problem goes away:
Check/replace the fuse(s)
Replace the power tubes
Replace the preamp tubes
Take it to a tech to get the transformers checked