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In the process of designing my ideal axe, I'm looking at buying a '52 RI telecaster neck and slapping it on a Jackson Dinky body. My question is, is this impossible, or at least, very difficult and a bad idea?

This would be my ideal tone and fret board, but I'm not very knowledgeable in terms of tech info.

Any enlightenment you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.



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seems fine to me

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

As long as everything lines up it sounds like you could have a cool combo there
The neck would need some modification to fit in the pocket, and you'd probably need to drill new holes for the screws. Still, it would work. I'd never think of doing it and in my head it looks horrible, but that's why you're doing it and not me
go for it ive loved tele neck for year lol u can do it if the scale length matches the body coz u might need the move the bridge
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I think the dinky neck would have a much wider fretboard and therefore wider neckpocket. The tele fretboard is not as wide so it may not fit in the neck pocket. You need dimensions as the guy above me said. If it is the sound you want, not the body shape, I'm sure you could get the tele routed for HSH and a floyd fitted or w/e
This 'll look awesome. Please post pics when you start working on this.
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same scale length, so you most likely won't have to move the bridge, although you should check anyways just in case, but like someone said above me, you'll probably have a problem with the neck pocket being a bit too wide. you could just shim it, but you still run the risk of not getting a get connection from bolting it on and you'd kill your sustain if that is the case. i say if you already have the neck and the body, go for it, the worst case scenario is it doesn't work and you come up with something else. if it does work, you have a one of a kind '52 RI Dinky!

another idea is to have your existing dinky neck radiused down to 7.25", although i have a feeling the neck is already too slim to feel anything like a '52 neck...