Do you use the same potentiometers for the volume and tone controls?
Volume is logarithmic and tone is linear (I think)

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You can use the same ones, many guitar companies use one kind for both controls. Its cheaper and easier on their supply chain to buy one kind. Some dont notice a difference. I like to use audio for volume and linear for tone. But if you want pushpull pots dont usually get a choice.
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Do you use the same potentiometers for the volume and tone controls?
Basically, yeah.
The difference is the capacitor that you use with the pot to make it a tone (treble cut) control.
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just to add what everyone else said...
basically the way you hear the sound change on the tone change is different.

The volume pot is a logarithmic like everyone else said. So the graph of the resistance is the same as a logarithmic graph obviously. which makes the volume change sound more realistic... where as the amount of treble you bleed into your signal from a tone pot is more linear because the change in tone is more noticeable this way...

but ultmately the contruction and use of the different types of pots are exactly the same. They are both variable resistors and either can be used for either volume or tone...
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