cash in hand now, but I'd need it to be shipped. Looking to spend around $650 shipped for it. I consider that the "average' price nowadays, and I bought my old one 2 years ago for $475, so I can't see spending more than 650. I know I'll eventually find one for that.

If you got one. Let me know. Block or Sig. Doesn't matter. They're both the same, regardless of what anyone says.

Email: Impulse051@gmail.com


I would like to see pictures of the top ,back ,and front of the amp then I will buy from you.If you can't provide them than you are scamming.

Thats how I roll, dude.

EDIT:jking BTW..thought the batman said it all.
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For future reference...WTB stands for Want To Buy. I'm not selling one. I'm looking for one.


Did you even read more than one word in my post. I don't know how you got the idea that I'm selling it, at all.
selling a 6505 combo if interested
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