Anyone know the name of that rediculously catchy song that starts off GTAIV?

It has the words "shicky shicky" in it if it helps.

"Soviet Connection" by Michael Hunter?
"A lonely life where no one understands you,
But don't give up because the music do..."
I can't. I have a thing about touching the manuals. I'd rather not. Besides, it's in a different language and I wouldn't be able to tell which one it was anyways.

I was hoping that someone would come along and just tell me.

Edit: You're saying that it isn't a girl singing that song? ^^^
You can check in-game, you know. I think with your cell phone.
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It isn't Soviet Connection. It plays when you first driving Roman's car. ^^

I don't have the game handy so I can't really do that.

It's not what minorthreat posted either
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