Open a file you downloaded from games4win.com?

If it was an .exe file?

I don't know if I should but I reeeeaally want to play sonic (assuming that was indeed what I downloaded)

Thoughts? Tips? Sarcastic comments?
do it! do it! do it!

Disclaimer: don't blame me if viruses eat your computer because you followed my advice
virus scan

but personally, I'd be sorta sketched out...probably stay away
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if i was running linux i would!

...im not running linux
I have no opinion on this matter.
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if i was running linux i would!

...im not running linux

If you were running Linux you'd be too busy trying to get everything else to work first.

EDIT: Suicide is the only answer and I'm not even kidding.
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If you're feeling lucky, go for it.
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here its the sega and sonic nemulators that you can play on your computer

virus free might i add

<a href=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TZBCENY1>Sega</a>

Once I've seen this, I can't unsee this either.
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Once we've seen it, we can't unsee it.

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I can't get Sonic to work.
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I can't get Sonic to work.

drag the file that has ".smd" at the end to "gens" and it should work

(if the frames per second are going really fast then just press F1 and it should slow down)