Dear Pit,

monday at may fifth, i have a job interview which i'm fairly excited for, because i need the money,
and am most likely going to spend it all on guitars and equip
BUT i have one tiny flaw i am unsure of any precautions on which to take
prior to the interview...

long story short...

anybody have any advice?

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Wear lead underwear.

They will, and I mean they WILL scan your sperm for genetic impurities. If you wear lead underwear they won't be able to scan you, and if they ask you to take them off, you can sue for harassment.

that's the most stupid and retarded thing I've ever heard, EVER.

....they only do that when you're applying for government jobs. duh.
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lol. just be enthusiastic when answering their questions and don't be afraid to joke a little with them.
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that's the most stupid and retarded thing I've ever heard, EVER.

....they only do that when you're applying for government jobs. duh.

The government controls all areas of work. Of course they're gonna scan him.

And even if he doesn't get scanned, lead underwear will increase his badassery by 690%.

You don't fuck with a dude wearing lead underwear. I know I wouldn't.
dress nicely, but not TOO nice. Like don't wear a suit if the interview is for a job at McDonalds. A button up shirt and clean pants should be good for most interviews.
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Be super specific about everything they ask.

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Tell the interviewer you have a kid and that the kid's mother overdosed on heroine by snorting it through her nose cause she's a noob and because of this you are the sole parent of this kid, therefore you desperately need to money. It's almost as failsafe as a steel condom but not quite.
Be very friendly.
Joke a little.
Speak nicely and fluently.
Shake hands when youf irst meet the person.
And....Be yourself.
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