Alright, here's my pedal set so far:

Boss DD20
Ibanez TS9
Some random compact delay (ONERR DGD-1)
And a Boss GT-3 (multi effects)

Basically, I use the GT-3 for my volume pedal, a couple of drives, reverb, chorus, and clean and other funky effects like octave or tremolo, etc. I was wondering what the order of my pedalboard would be then. I was thinking;

Amp > DD-20> Compact Delay > GT-3 > TS9 > Tuner > Guitar.

would this be correct? Im not too sure.

Also, I would like to know the order of this pedal set;

Ernie Ball Volume
Jekyll and Hide Overdrive/Distortion
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
Ibanez TS9
Chorus pedal
Reverb pedal
Octave pedal
Noise suppressor
and a compact delay.

I was thinking for this one;

Amp > DD-20 > DD-5 > RV-5 > CH-2 > OC-2 > NS-2 > TS9 > Sparkle > Hyde > TU-2 > Ernieball Volume > Guitar

is that right?
Those setups look OK, but one usually writes the effects chain from guitar to amp, not the other way around. Like: guitar > pedal > pedal > pedal > amp.

By the way, I found that the OC-2 tracks better when it's as early as possible in the chain, so you might wanna try to put it in front of the dirt.