lol i know there have been so many questions about what amp to get, but ive been thinking bout this for a month now and i was just wondering if the VOX ad15 vt is a good amp to get a nice rhcp tone from. the guitar ill be using is a MIM strat. so what do you think?
yea that will do
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voxs are good amps
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between these 2 amps what would be better do you think- vox ad15 or fender blues jr
Fender Blues junior if you have the capability to turn it up. Vox if yo have to keep it low.
so a vox will give me a good rhcp tone while being able to keep my volume down?
what if i want to play different songs from other bands, like metalicca and nirvana?
Where exactly are you in the world? Don't get the Vox, if you're gonna get anything that is for indoors stuff, get an Epiphone Valve Junior. You're gonna need an OD to get Metallica though.
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im in syndey australia
and brw is the epiphone valve junior any good for rhcp?