My technique, timing, key and scales all need reshaping.
Please look at my tube clips and tell me what i need to work on.

I feel like ive hit a wall in my playing and i cannot go on any further.
Well what in particular do you feel is weak in your playing? If nothing and you just want general improvements, keep a journal and practice your scales/timing/accents/speed/whatever it is you want to work on. Could be that you are improving but just not noticing it.

Also, perhaps take a break and find out just how much you really like playing the guitar. Come back to it after a few days and play with passion.
Looking at your vids I'd say you are doing just fine. Everyone has little stagnant periods, you just gotta work through them, because when you do you usually have pretty big breakthroughs in your playing.

The one bit of advice I could give is to try to keep your fingers a little lower, and try not to arch back your pinky. It's good to have your fingers nice and low, and ready to play whenever you need them to.

Like I said though, you look to be pretty tight overall. If there's something you feel you are week at, post a vid of it. I know in one of your vids you said you weren't so great at improvising, but I didn't watch enough to see.
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