im a beginner what are the most important chords i should learn

can you also give me pics of them ,soi know where to place my fingers
look them up here on the site
A , D , C , E ,G and F those are the überbeginner chords
Em and Am are handy, too.
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go get a Mel Bay method book(assumeing you're from the states) if not get any beginers' method book that has songs with chord progressions rather than single note verses. if you cant/dont wanna do that, play some folk music AND ac/dc.
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Dm is a good chord too don't forget some blues chords (7s) like A7, B7, C7, D7 and E7 (assuming you dont mind a bit o blues)

but yeah i hav a chord bible book thing that really helps!
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F# and F#m have cropped up in a lot of songs I've seen, so it might be useful to learn those too.
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E A and D are the best starting point as far as I'm concerned.
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A C D E G F both major and minor chords, maybe some 7s.
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What is better to learn chords or like picking notes? im assuming chords
Basic major and minor chords would be good to learn:

Majors: A, C, D, E, F
Minors: Am, Dm, Em,
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