I'm looking to clean up my guitar, get rid of all my grubby little finger marks, and scrub up my fret board a bit, but what alternative cleaners are there for the body and fret board?

I know that silicon based stuff is a no-no, and I've also read that lemon oil is good for the fretboard......I don't have lemon oil, but would almond oil do the same?

Maybe I should stick to water and tissue? lol
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I just use a damp cloth, even if it's really grungy it works fine. I prefer to keep polishing products away from my guitars, since I tried some a while back and now have dull spots in the finish of my Takamine. So I now use only a dry cloth, a damp one if it's really dirty, just finger smudges will clean up with a dry cloth. Often just the moisture from your breath will do fine, breathe on it close and slow through your mouth, if it fogs the surface, that's all the moisture you need. I use old t-shirts, when they get old enough to start wearing holes in them they are plenty soft for guitar rags. Make sure you use 100% cotton and cut the seams out, the thread is usually polyester and will scratch the finish. Q tips are good for tight spots, like between bridge saddles and around the corners of pickup housings.
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