ok ill cut it short:

- pricerange: up to 2000$ (if someone's got a better guess)
- no floyd rose
- for hardcore, screamo, metalcore, im into soloing and the guitar should just do everything from evil rythms to shred

i searched the net and this is what i think about the guitars:

C-1 Classic
+ hot inlays
+ good pickups (SH4/2, now im playing over a SH4 Copy pickup and i like the sound)
+ i think the most versatile one

- gold hardware

Hollywood Classic
+ i totally dig the neck-through look
+ i consider it the most beautiful one

- SH11/1 Pickups are maybe not aggressive enough and i don't wanna instantly change the pickups of a 1300$$ guitar

Hellraiser Avenger
+ Body Shape (freaky )

+/- EMG Pickups, i heard the SH4/2 combination is way better and more versatile

- Headstock looks wierd

Wich wone should i buy? as said money is not really the factor because i want a long term relationship and there you just should't go for cheap
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also to mention: a white hellraiser c1 would be considerable too, i just totally digg the schecter designs
i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko
i really like the avenger model. it has a sick shape and awesome inlays. its good for everything metal and stuff close to it
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