So a friend whom I sold my old LTD Mirage to (Another mid-90's model like my other LTDs) has expressed a desire to part ways with it.

Its basically stock, save for a Tone Zone which I installed. Basic specs are a Wilkinson trem, H-S-S, reverse headstock, a [crappy] set of locking tuners and IIRC, a really nice see-thru purple finish over Ash. Very psyched to see it again.

Plans include EMGs (81, S, SA, 18v), Graphtech ghost Piezo setup, a normal set of tuners (Maybe a set of Schaller lockers) and 5-springs on the trem. I hate floating trems and blocking always seems to tilt one way or the other. I figure I might as well make it as stiff as I can and set it up good. Should be stable enough.

Unfortunately, last I heard from another friend, she either has it setup with VERY high action, or, the neck is bowed quite a bit. I can't really do anything until its in my hands but for what I'll be paying, I can't really complain I suppose. I just don't know at what point a neck becomes unsalvagable. Something tells me I'm going to be playing an adjustment game for a while with this neck.

Anyway, I should be able to buy it back in a week or so, I'll post pics when I get it
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"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone"