Quote by That Day Is Not Today
We will make a clean escape,
What have I done to deserve you?
Been tied to the lighthouse,
With the sea bearing down on me,
We will make a clean escape,
Piercing as a blade,
We will never wave goodbye,
I will never leave your side,

There’s shouting in the rafters,
Not of jovial mind,
Like that I exuded,
When you loved me in kind,
Under a falling sea of fire,
We will make our escape,
Pray that wind catches our sails,
Airborne fires, fly, falter and fall,

Escape from this place,
Dive deep and don’t return,
Escape from this wasteland,
We can run forever,

We all know how this world can,
Beat you down with two fists,
We’ve been kept apart too long,
Radicals in our way,
Bound to collide,
We are not star crossed,
This is not the day we fear,
This is not the end that nears,
Crit for Crit.