kind of a personal piece. not my best but i kinda like it.

do you remember?

you were talking out your ears and listening through your mouth,
a little town outside the city where the scenery blows about.
i was sitting pretzel legged on a bench in the park
and watched you tumble out the bottom of a twirling slide all knees and
hems and tongue tied.
we exchanged numbers, adjectives, bellly laughs...
the conversation see sawed,
you on top then
you on the bottom.
i remember i kept patting my hair,
kicking my feet,
my thoughts played hopskotch across the concrete.
i managed to tell you that i liked your posture
and your fingers and the way your head
rests so square atop your neck.

i don't know how you liked me then.
i don't know how you love me now.
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