Hi ! Im despredly searching for Scorpions - Still Loving You Tab for the Solo Melody like in this video - http://youtube.com/watch?v=DhPdg3Uws7g . it really sounds so beautifull ... Please I need It for an special ecassion. Thanks
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why not just work it out by ear?

+1 there's alot you will learn by tabbing it out yourself
just listened to it, thats a great version. but its not exactly impossible - quite slow, and the guy has a normal sort of approach to it, so you can see where his hands are and what he's doing.

i would like to point out also, that if you dont tab it out by ear, but someone gives you a tab - that will have been done by ear by someone, somewhere. it may seem obvious, but i think a lot of people forget that tabs are done by real people.
Yeah well it isnt ... so hard but I'm only playing guitar for 4 days now ... en its kinda still hard to do it by myself. If it would be easy for me i wouldnt ask.
So maby someone has spare 15 minutes tonight and maby cant sleep and just for fun and eartraining makes the tab up :p it would be nice!