yo fellas,

i'm new here. i'm from malaysia. i want to sell this for myself, but 1st things 1st.. no hanky panky here!....

1) this guitar has been re decaled (original serial underneath pickguard)
2) neck and bridge p/ups are originals, centre jap strat
3) saddles are new (vintage style)
4) switches, pots are new and rewired by previous owner
5) jack plate replaced, ori still available
6) p/up covers, knobs and tips are from another strat
7) have been refretted.. vintage frets
8) ori paint stripped


rosewood neck and 2 piece swamp ash body. selling for USD 2000 only. comes with ori h/case..

call +6016 286 8245 or email to browndog2woof@gmail.com

Man, that's a beautiful Strat. Prime example of a good CBS.

Wish I had the money for her, but I don't, so good luck selling her. =)
Now it's 1984
Knock knock at your front door
It's the suede denim secret police
They have come for your un-cool niece
good luck

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