I wasn't sure if this should go in Song writing or theory, but I think it's more fitting here since the question is on the music itself...

What are some people's techniques to creating a simple song with just an easy chord progression and singing? Is it better to make the vocals first, then lay down a chord progression, or figure it out the other way around?

My problem is that without chords, I can't really sing at all...
Also, if I lay down the chords first I really can't lay down a nice melody over them...

The songs I try to write are usually either just Major and Minor open and barre chords, or straight power chords.
well hendrix would carry a recording machine around with him and he would sometimes just start to sing and he would record it and write something over it.

i think it works both way rounds but personally i find it easier to sing something and make a riff to go round it rather than try and fit a tune into my riff which can be quite restraining.

either way works. although if you're playing metal try and lay down the music before the singing. but like i said, either way works.
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