I need i new guitar, the stuff i play the most is Oasis , my budget isn't that big so im look to get something from Epiphone.

To the point, What guitar would be best for playing Oasis songs like Don't look back in anger and Cigarettes and Alcohol? I would like if it the guitar was an Epiphone but i don't know which Epiphone is best.

Thanks in advance
Find yourself an old Epiphone Noel Gallagher signature model. It's based off the casino I think and looks really cool!
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Perhaps some blues, and some classic rock like foxy lady by Jimi hendrix , could it get a sound like that?
Massive thanks to all of you, escpecially Hendrixfanatic, i always thought the casino look the coolest anyway.
Well as Noel/Bonehead/Gem have played Epi Rivieras, Casinos and Sheratons you could pick yourself up one of them. Also played Gibson ES-335s so a Epi Dot is a good solution. Gem has also played Firebirds, and a Les Paul would work too.

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Sorry for my many questions, but would a Fender American Strat be good for Oasis?

Well Noel's used a Tele from time to time (I think on Bring It On Down and Champagne Supernova he has used one (couldn't be sure though)) so it wouldn't be a bad idea. I think he's also used a Jaguar from time to time (there's one on the Be Here Now cover) Best sticking to humbuckers though.

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