I'm out on the market for new pickups. I have NO idea of what's good and bad and what to take. I've got an Ibanéz RG 350 DX (if that matters?). I'd like some pickups that gives a little more distortion and sustain. I'm playing with lots of harmonics and floyd playing (á la Steve Vai and other 80s shred guitarists). All i'm pretty sure of is that i'd like to stay away from EMG and active pickups.
Why do you dislike active pickups?

Maybe try Dirty Fingers pickups?
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id go with a DiMarzio PAF Pro and Evo 2 setup thats what im working with and they seem like they will work really well with what your looking for
DiMarzio Breeds

EDIT: Listening to the tracks in the profile makes me think you should buy a new amp.
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I dislike active pickups beacause the ones i've tried sounded horrible (in my opinion) and i don't like the fact that i need to keep fresh batteries.

I'll look up the DiMarzios thanks

I've got a Marshall Artist 3203

Horlicks, i'm not using any amp in the songs in my profile, i'm just using some crappy computer program, they're mostly for fun.
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