Roughly what ratio of spending would you say you should spend on guitar to amp?

I have an $800 guitar and $400 amp, because I've always liked guitar first and foremost (I know, most of the sound comes from the amp). I'm just wondering what people think about how you much you should spend on an amp depending on how expensive their guitar is.
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Depends, If you buy a guitar that's $700 and is perfect for you, you could have an amp that is $4000, if you have a $300 guitar you can have a $100 amp. There's no set ratio, just don't splurge on one and not the other.
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I'd say if anything, its about 50:50 for a decent guitar and a decent amp.
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I'd say a good guitar, with a good neck, good pickups, and good setup (ie: something you don't have to put money into) is right about on par with the cost of a "decent" amp.
我会关闭我的耳朵,和我的心; 我会变成一个石头
"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone"
Well if you have one $1500.00 amp that sounds great, you could have a bunch guitars that costs anything and you'll have a pretty good sound.
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decent amps always more important, unless its actually a problem playing your guitar, ie aweful neck

I guess that explains why your guitar is worth more than your amp...
price doesnt matter. if you find a good amp at 200 and your guitar was 1000, your not going to say, "o I spent too much on the guitar so I need to spend more on an amp..." as long as its good then it doesnt matter. I had an epiphone special II and bought myself a vox ac30. now I bought an epiphone g-400, and it sounds good with both. it sounds good with any guitar I have pluged in.
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Depends, obviously.

You dont NEED a 100 watts most likely. Do you really need a halfstack? Perhaps not (As in mine and several other cases) So obviously, it depends on what you need. I wouldnt even want a stack (or half) as i would have no room for it, so, its kinda pointless.
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A really good amp, for gigs anyway will cost more than a good guitar will. You can purchase an excellent guitar for around 800 - 1200 euro while you will be pushed in finding a quality amp with gigable abilities at less than 1500 euro. In my opinion anyway. But I personally think it is better to invest in a brilliant guitar, because the only times I use my amp is when I'm jamming with the band or playing in front of crowds. Other than that, I play my guitar whilist watching tele and when I'm at the computer so I rarely use my amp for practise. So logic says, you will be using the guitar far more than an amp and they can last longer so therefore, shell out and go for the best.
It depends on your price range and such. The amp is way more important, but an AC30CC with blues costs about as much as a Gibson Standard LP and nobody would call that a mismatch. The price ratio isn't important so long as you don't have a great guitar and a crap amp.
Since I have a decent guitar... my spending ratio from guitar to amp is 1:8

Crazy, I know. But I like having good amps. And, if the guitar is comfy and sounds good, that's all that matters to me.
Amps, i'm a bit more picky about.
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Simple rule:
An Ibanez RG 270 will sound good coming out of a Carvin Legacy
But even a Jem777 will sould like crap coming out of a Line 6 Spider III
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I say once you go past a certain budget, the guitar becomes more important.

Cheap amps such, but past a certain budget, the differences are less obvious, in comparison to the differences in feel of a guitar. That budge however is about 800.

But if i had 1k id get a 600 guitar and a 400 amp because feel for me is more important. Most of the tone cause from you, and if a guitar dont feel good, its gonna be worst than with a 400 amp.
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Simple rule:
An Ibanez RG 270 will sound good coming out of a Carvin Legacy
But even a Jem777 will sould like crap coming out of a Line 6 Spider III

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It really depends on the price you're looking in.
If you're going for top of the range equipment, something like a Mesa Triple Rec will run you about £2k, but a high-end guitar like a PRS will usually cost well over that.
But then if you're in about the £1k budget, you can sound good with like a 6:4 on the amp.
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So I have an ESP EC-1000 with Duncans and wish to buy a Vox AD50VT. It's about a 2:1 guitar:amp ratio, because I play mostly at home and care very much about having a nice guitar that feels right and that I can keep as I upgrade my amp.
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I think when you start its a difficult case, dividing your money over a guitar and an amp. But as you evolve and want to spend more money, i think the most important thing is to get a deicent tube amp.
Then its up to you to decide WHAT tube amp. For example:
You play metal and you want a high gainer.
Then you could for example choose between a peavey 6505 or a Mesa tripple rect. 1000$ vs 3000$. Both are deicent amps.
Then you choose what YOU prefer regarding sound. If you play the peavey with a Gibson les paul, the ratio will be 1:2. If you choose the rectifier, the ratio will be 3:2. Both are excellent setups, just different.
So there is no real ideal ratio. Just aim for YOUR dreamsetup.
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I think in practise I'd end up spending more on the guitar.

It just depends on what you need. Some people need a big fancy amp so there's no point them buying a cheap amp, while other people barely need any kind of amp at all so there's no point them buying anything huge.

On the other hand, everybody can get some use out of and appreciate the quality of a good guitar.
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The Vox AD50VT is a great amp and your guitar is very good as well so you can't fault that. Well you can, there are superiour setups availible, but for the price its well worth it. But its true what they say about playing a cheap guitar through a brilliant amp will sound very nice, but an expensive PRS won't sound anywhere near its full capabilities through a cheap amp. But then again, if you don't use your amp much, like me, then theres no shame in buying a middle of the road amp and a top of the range guitar.
Well, I really don't think there's a set ratio.

I played a Peavey amp (112 VK) and I loved it. That's about $400 now. So I'm planning on buying that, and then buying a new guitar. Either a Jackson RR24 or an Edwards RV 148, both of these would cost about 3x the amp, if not more.

But I'm not a professional guitarist, I'm still mostly bedroom, I play in a Jazz band but I don't really need a huge $2000 amp. For me spending $2000 on an amp would be pointless because 90% of the time I play I'm the only one hearing it. But $1,200 on a guitar would be worth it because I'm probably going to have only that guitar, my acoustic, and MAYBE another electric for a few years, and if that guitar sucks then I'm stuck with a POS.

Also I don't plan on taking any guitar related classes in college, so I don't need that $2000 amp. After I've worked for maybe 20 years (I'm going for an MBA), I figure I'll have enough extra cash to get that $2000 amp, take some college guitar related courses, and start to record, or start a studio. While playing the stock market or taking a lower paying job, in a smaller firm. Then if music just doesn't work out, oh well, I can always just do my job I originally went to college for, and I'll have all the knowledge and personal ability to play almost anything I want for my own enjoyment.

So I really think it depends what position you're in as a guitarist. If you're a bedroom guitarist and you just want something comfortable to play, I'd say guitar. If guitar is actually your job or it's actually making you money then you want to sound as good as you can, so the high dollar amp would come first as it's a majority of your tone.

Just my .02