Okay one of my favourite song is guitar instrumentals, such as In Flames's Dialogue with the Stars, and others of their non vocal songs. I also like Blues instrumentals such as Black Magic Woman by Santana.

So im wondering.. Could you guys give me some advice about writing a good instrumental with metal as my main genre. I find it pretty difficult to start from scratch so i would love if any of you guys could give me some advice or suggestion about what to do.


First off start with a structure, Intro 8 bars theme B 16 bars etc etc etc until u have a large set of themes and variations and this gives u a chugging introduction of writing

Then step two would be to either create 1 riff or 1 main melody

after u have this keep working on it until u have it to what u wish to sound like

that can be a starting point for u
start out w/a clean part and then start getting heavier and heavier like have one guitar come in distorted then have both come in repeating the same part. After that keep getting heavier then at the very end do a clean outro thats how I've done most of my instrumentals.